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For years, smartphones have been slowly increasing in dimension, to the purpose that it is onerous to make use of them with only one hand. Flagships are inevitably large: Apple and Samsung have saved their finest cameras, greatest batteries, and most capacious storage for the 3-inch-wide hand-buster telephones of their Max and Extremely fashions respectively. Nevertheless it’s nonetheless potential to search out small, good telephones that slot in your hand, offer you all of the options you need, and usually do not break the financial institution.

How Massive Is Too Massive?

Smartphones have elevated in dimension, however our palms have not. Again when LG launched its G2 smartphone, the corporate stated that most individuals can comfortably maintain a cellphone as large as 2.8 inches. That could be why the bottom dimension for Samsung’s flagship S cellphone fashions has hovered between 2.7 and a couple of.8 inches for the reason that Galaxy S3. Apple has had a 2.65-inch-wide choice for the reason that iPhone 6. (For some time, Samsung additionally had a “Mini” cellphone line, but it surely was not often on the market within the US.)

The iPhone 13 mini next to the iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 (left) is considerably smaller than the iPhone 13 (proper)
(Picture: Molly Flores)

Palm breadth tells you the way large a cellphone will be earlier than it falls out of your hand; thumb size tells you the way large a display will be to be usable in a single hand. In line with an outdated NASA research(Opens in a brand new window) cited by HealthLine(Opens in a brand new window), the typical handbreadth is 3.1 inches for ladies and three.5 inches for males. The Heart for Building Analysis and Coaching estimates a bit decrease(Opens in a brand new window): 2.91 inches for ladies and three.3 inches for males. A 2012 New York Journal story cites a US Military research(Opens in a brand new window) that claims the typical thumb size is 2.74 inches for males and a couple of.49 inches for ladies. So, that 2.8-inch cellphone width cited by LG is only a hair wider than the complete attain of the typical male thumb.

The Finest Telephone Offers This Week*

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I’ve used the two.8-inch-wide measure as the utmost width for telephones to be eligible for this roundup. Many individuals might even discover these telephones to be a bit large for one-hand use, however small cellphone beggars cannot presently be choosers.

Why Are Telephones Getting Larger?

The push towards cellular web and video consumption initially drove the expansion of cellphone screens. With telephones changing into individuals’s main home windows to the web, and video streaming apps changing into massively well-liked, greater screens turned extra compelling than smaller ones.

Samsung Galaxy phones

The Galaxy S22 (left) is extra simply pocketable than the Galaxy S22+ (center) and the Galaxy S21 (proper)
(Picture: Molly Flores)

When the bodily dimension of palms stopped producers from making telephones wider, they nonetheless went taller, pushing the display height-to-width ratio from the frequent 16:9 to 18:9 or 18.5:9. Sony has gone so far as 21:9, making very tall, slender telephones that fantastically show 21:9 video initially meant for wide-screen TVs. If you happen to care about “small” solely within the sense of with the ability to attain throughout your cellphone, a type of telephones could be choice.

Folks like greater batteries, too, and the simplest technique to pack in an even bigger battery is to make the cellphone greater. Not like different applied sciences, battery capability has been extraordinarily immune to technological enchancment—attempt to get too good at squeezing extra battery right into a smaller house, and you find yourself with an exploding Samsung Galaxy Observe 7.

Lastly, cellphone makers need to cost extra. Former TCL (now Coolpad) exec Steve Cistulli as soon as informed me, “People purchase by the sq. inch.” There is a deep theme in American shopper tradition that greater is healthier, and is value extra: greater automobiles, greater homes, greater TVs, and larger telephones. It has been tough for cellphone makers to persuade shoppers that one thing small continues to be beneficial.

In 2020 there was a bit little bit of a reversal. Apple, Google, and Samsung all got here out with smaller and cheaper (and barely de-featured) variations of their flagship telephones. In pandemic instances once we’re all pinching pennies, these trade-offs are extra interesting than they could have been a few years in the past. Some smaller, older iPhones are additionally nonetheless value contemplating; this is extra on which iPhone to purchase.

The Unihertz Jelly 2

The Unihertz Jelly 2 is so small that its contact keyboard is usually a little difficult to make use of
(Picture: Sascha Segan)

A couple of firms concentrate on smaller gadgets. Unihertz is the most effective of them, churning out a string of inexpensive, decently performing, and completely tiny telephones that push the boundaries of how small a cellphone can get and nonetheless have a usable contact keyboard. The Palm Telephone goals to do the identical, however I wasn’t impressed by its efficiency and battery life; the Unihertz Jelly 2 is much superior.

If you happen to’re on the lookout for a small cellphone since you discover massive screens distracting or exhausting, small voice telephones are value contemplating. Nokia has two intriguing fashions. The Nokia 6300 4G is a dual-SIM quasi-smartphone operating an OS referred to as KaiOS that has some helpful apps (although not as many as Android or iOS). The Nokia 225 4G is absolutely the smallest, least costly fundamental cellphone that is purposeful sufficient to be value getting. These little bar telephones match simply as effectively in your hand now as their ancestors did in 2006.

The Way forward for Small Smartphones

Alas, it seems to be like small smartphones will stay a distinct segment market. The iPhone 12 mini was the worst-selling gadget(Opens in a brand new window) in Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup. Apple is conserving the religion with the iPhone 13 mini and the brand new iPhone SE, however rumors say there can be no iPhone 14 mini. Samsung and Sony are each conserving smaller premium gadgets of their lineups.

Nonetheless considering massive? Take a look at our roundups of the most effective telephones and the most effective 5G smartphones.


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